About Us

Jones Junction has been serving Maryland since 1917. Mr. Vernon Jones started out selling Studebakers in Conowingo, Maryland with his father, C.M. Jones. From then on, the dealership began to expand with the acquisition of Plymouth, Nissan, and Honda Motorcycles in 1963, and then again with the addition of Chrysler, Toyota, and GMC franchises in 1966. Due to the increased business, the Jones family outgrew their facilities on North Bond Street and 305 Baltimore Pike, landing them at our current location on Belair Road.

Since then, Jones has replaced their GMC franchise with Dodge and Jeep, and has added new facilities for Nissan, Subaru, Kia and Hyundai dealerships, currently employing over 400 people. Mr. Jones' three children, Larry, Danny, and Beverly are still active with the dealership and have partnered up with Bryan Kilby to carry on their father's philosophies and renowned success.

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